New Thing #7 – Sister Trip

I have been intrigued by friends and coworkers who take sister trips.  In January, my siblings and family were sitting in our mother’s hospice room on her last day, and during our conversations I suggested a sister trip. My sisters were immediately interested.

After many discussions and a few online booking glitches, we spent the weekend together in Columbus, OH.  We stayed at the lovely Neil Avenue Bed and Breakfast in Victorian Village. We spent Saturday browsing in shops in the Short North  Arts District. I did some Christmas shopping which hopefully will elevate some holiday stress. I am a huge scarf fan and inspired both sisters to  buy scarves at Global Gifts. We ate dinner at Marcellas restaurant which was delicious. My second sister and I can recommend the gnocchi with lamb sauce.  After dinner, we had a scarf tying session and chatted in the B&B common area.

The next day we explored German Village which is charming and quaint. We started out at the Book Loft and did not leave for about an hour. I focused on bargain books while my sisters bought books for their grandkids. I bought Jeni’s ice cream cookbook which might be the subject of a future “new thing”.


We ate a light lunch at the Brown Bag Deli before shopping in a few gift shops. One of our favorite things in German Village was peeking at the yards for festive fall and Halloween displays.  We enjoyed dinner at The Pearl in the Short North Arts District. Our server talked the three of us into the Arctic Char which was delicious.


We capped the weekend off with the most wonderful blueberry pancakes served by our hosts at the B&B. Will this become a tradition?



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