New Thing #9 – Project Life Scrapbook System

Someone tweeted on Stampin’ Up about using Project Life for the first time. Now I am inspired to note that since turning 50 I am using a Snap Album and a Project Life kit for the first time. These kits are so easy that now I am hooked. I’m sure I will continue the traditional scrapbook process of cropping photos, matting on paper, embellishing with stickers…for our chronological photos but for theme or vacation albums, I will reach for a quicker approach.

My SNAP album is loosely themed “Going to Grandma’s” since I am using photos collected and brought home during the past months cleaning out my mother’s house. Over the years, I sent her photos of my boys enjoying visits to her house. She made them feel so special and unconditionally loved. There are also photos that clearly show the personalities of the serious older brother and the more carefree younger brother and those memories are so fun.


I am using the Project Life system to display the numerous photos my younger son took in Italy and Spain when he traveled with his high school soccer team. He had an amazing trip and took some great photos so it will be nice to see them in something other than his phone. He is a foodie and takes pictures of his food so those photos are fun and make his album unique.


Collecting photos and preserving the memories is so therapeutic because you focus on the good days and positive experiences. We don’t say, this is a really crappy day, let’s take a photo!

I wonder  if all the digital pictures we take and store on our devices will be shared in the future.  Will we lose some memories to the digital age?


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