New Thing #10 – Frazier History Museum

One of the goals of 50 things in my 50th year is to do things that I / we have been talking about doing. Why keep putting things off when you’re 50? It’s time to seize opportunities.

This weekend was family weekend at Bellarmine University in Louisville and the evening activity was at the Frazier History Museum in downtown Louisville. We have talked about seeing some of their special exhibits in the past, but never seem to make it to the museum. I’m not sure the boys were wild about the event but we all headed over after filling up on Cuban food at Havana Rumba.

Frazier is a military history museum. We don’t fill out the scavenger hunt sheet but explore the galleries seeing weapons, painting, life size dioramas, and many miniature soldier collections. The life size displays make me think that “Night at the Museum” should be set here.

We also hear and watch an illusionist with a Halloween weekend twist, adding some spookiness and mystery to his slight of hand tricks. Overall, a fun night of family togetherness in a new spot.image


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