New Thing #13 – IKEA

I have a three year tradition of going outlet mall shopping on Veterans’s Day with a friend I met as a fellow travel baseball Mom.  We look forward to this trip all year since the early shopping reduces holiday stress.

This year she asked me if I would mind stopping at IKEA. We drive by the store near Cincinnati every year and comment about how we have never been there.  I said, of course I want to stop since I’m doing new things this year.  This stop at IKEA was amazing!  This might be a new tradition.



We arrive early so the store is not crowded and we easily follow the path through the various departments. My friend ordered a new dining room table for her Thanksgiving gathering so we are picking that up to save shipping costs.  We also pick up several items for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers and gift basket fillers – skillet, wine glasses, pillows, candles, candle holders, metal pots, etc.  The carts show that two people purchased a reasonable number of items.  (Next year we will bring in a shopping bag…)


We also do well at the outlet mall with sportswear for the guys and clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren.  Of couse, we make a stop at Talbots to see if there is anything to add to our wardrobes.  Now if I could just get all the presents wrapped…


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