New Thing #15 – Santa Tree

I have a lot of Christmas ornaments so I try to decorate with them in various ways rather than putting them all on the live family tree in the living room.  They actually will not all fit on one tree.  For several years, I have looked for a small tree that I can use for my Santa Claus ornaments.  The tricky part is that I want the tree to be versatile enough to use for Easter ornaments or other seasonal decorations.

This year I looked more seriously and with the help of Pinterest, finally bought a metal ornament tree from Improvements to use for my Santa ornaments.  I think my Easter ornaments will look nice on this as well.

image image

This is also the first Christmas celebration without my mother who passed away in early January.  That is not a new thing to blog about but I will mention her here since she worked so hard to make our holidays special and she really loved Christmas.  My siblings and I (5 kids total) divided her Christmas ornaments so here are a couple favorites that made the family live tree this year.

image image

Merry Christmas Mom!!


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