New Thing #20 – Homemade Ice Cream

Building on New Thing 3, our visit to Jeni’s ice cream, I purchased a Cuisinart ice cream maker and tried home made ice cream.  According to an interview on the Splendid Table, this is the ice cream maker that Jeni uses at home to test recipes.  Should be good enough for me!

Another reason to purchase the ice cream maker… For the past several years my mother gave me money for Christmas and I purchased something for the kitchen.    She loved to cook for her family so these items seemed like a perfect give at the time.  We have a food processor, slow cooker, Le Creuset oval roaster, and a panini press.  Now I am so glad to have these things in my kitchen that my husband suggested I maintain the tradition.  Thank you Mom for the ice cream maker!

I started with the easiest recipe in the book that came with the ice cream maker packaging.  This consisted of milk, sugar, heavy cream and vanilla simply mixed together and chilled.  This mixture froze in the ice cream maker in 20 minutes.  I put it in the freezer for a couple hours until we were ready to eat it after dinner and it was delicious!

I forgot to take pictures…

Now that I know what the simpliest recipe tastes like, I can build on that with the custard style recipes that require the mixture to be cooked before added to the machine.  Jeni’s recipes have cream cheese in them so they should be rich and creamy.

P.S. Since first writing this post, I’ve tried Jeni’s recipe and am not looking back.  This is the best homemade ice cream recipe available!


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