New Thing #22 – Franklin Technique Class

I love Pilates and swear that this is the perfect exercise for women my age to stay fit, maintain bone density and improve posture.  I have been thinking about trying yoga for a “new thing” but I am extremely unflexible and fear I will be miserable the entire class.  Instead I tried a Franklin technique workshop to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders.  I am constantly catching myself with tight shoulders, especially while sitting at my office desk.

The workshop is interesting although we learn a lot more anatomy than I expected.  The instructor did a good job balancing the terminology for a class that included both Pilates instructors and students.

Some of the exercises are:

– tweaking the collarbone

– squeezing the neck muscles like a sponge

– tasseling the arms

– dropping the jaw with fingers in your ears

– tapping with Franklin balls

– rolling shoulder blades on the Franklin balls while lying on a mat

Are there more exercises to do with the Franklin balls?

Being more aware of the tension in my neck and more aware of my posture is helpful in itself.  We did a demonstration of moving our arms and legs with our shoulders free and then shoulders tense and the range of motion is much diminished with tense shoulders!




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