New Thing #25 – Boiled Peanuts

We have been going to the Gulf Coast of Alabama / Florida for Spring Break or summer vacation since our 15 year old son was 2 years old and always wondered about the road side stands selling boiled peanuts.

During my ride to Charleston with my girlfriend who was born in Alabama, I remembered to ask her – what is up with the boiled peanut stands?  She replied that we really should try them and of course, this is the year to try new things that I have been wondering about for years.


My friend says we must buy from the road side stands with the homemade signs since these are the folks who know what they are doing.   She said boiled peanuts taste more like a bean than a nut and I think that is an accurate description.  The family consensus is that boiled peanuts are “not bad”.  I had to keep eating more to decide how much I like them… I will definitely buy them again when we visit the beach but probably will not get hungry for them in between visits.  I liked them better than the deep fried peanuts that my friend and I tried in Charleston.  We were not fond of eating the shell and all.



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