New Thing #31 – Basement Remodel

We live in an older home in Indianapolis, a center-hall Colonial revival built in 1941.  We have lived here 20 years and thought several times about adding outside egress to our basement spare bedroom which would qualify the house as a four-bedroom home.

Since this is the year to do things I’ve been talking about for years, I brought up the project again and suddenly my husband has it scheduled!

I come home from work the first day of the project to construction equipment in the driveway and a hole in the basement wall.  I come home the second day, and the project is finished.  My husband has some drywall repair but basically, the project is cmplete.


The end product looks better than I thought it would and the window is spacious.  I thought it would be a small window up at the top of the wall.


Like several other “new things”, why did we put this off?  I suppose there were always more exciting things to do with the money but this looks attractive, give us some peace of mind for safety in an emergency and will pay for itself at resale.


Check it out!


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