New Thing #26 – Daubenspeck Community Nature Park

My next “new thing” is a visit to Daubenspeck Community Nature Park on Ditch Road in Indianapolis.  I ordered flannel sheets from LL Bean this fall and the page displayed after placing my order promoted nearby parks.  I have been driving by this park for years and didn’t even know it was there.

I planned to visit the Park last fall but something else came up that day.  I found myself with some free time at lunch and in need of “new things” for my blog so I spent a lunch break there on an April Friday.

According to the website, Mr. Daubenspeck donated the property to the local school district in the 1960s for public use.  In 2003, when the school district decided to sell surplus property, a community group formed a nonprofit and leased the land from the school for a nature park.

We had a cold winter and consequently a late spring so I visit the park on a day when it is bare and the trails are muddy.  I am intriqued by the bridges and bird habitats that are quite visible without foliage.

image image image


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