New Thing #27 – Painting with a Twist

I am keeping my eyes open for “new things” so when I see an article by the Youth Minister in our church newsletter inviting people to join her at Painting with a Twist, I am the first to sign up.  On a Wednesday night in April, four ladies from church join in fellowship with some strangers and paint irises.

I am a banker and cannot draw anything.  I can see the picture in my head but cannot get anything on paper.  Our instructor is so patient and takes us step by step through the process.  We start painting blue sky and adding white.  Then we repeat our sky in layers adding some green.  Our last layer covers the bottom of the canvas with some mustard yellow that will be the background for our grass.  We make some clouds next, some make them straight, some puffy.  I pretty much have to make mine like the instructor’s so I have something to follow.

We add the flowers using chalk first, separately making each curve.  I can’t draw a flower but can make a series of frowny faces, curves and hooks that become a flower!  We paint our stems and grass based on where we chalked in the flowers – this is freeing!  Finally, we color in the irises, mixing shades of pink and lavender, adding white and yellow highlights at the end.

My son says, “Cool!  You painted that?!” which sums it up nicely.




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