New Thing #29 – Post on Pinterest

I mentioned in previous posts that I don’t have a Facebook page but I am enjoying other aspects of social media. Blogging and Tweeting are previous new things. I also really enjoy Pinterest and am so interested to learn I have “pin twins” in other countries. Today I did a new thing with Pinterest by posting my own photo.

I didn’t know there was a planner craze until I started following boards on Pinterest.  I have always kept a planner although different brands and versions have worked over the years for different phases of my life.

I am currently using a Levenger Circa notebook as my daily planner and try to spend less time planning and more time doing.  A time block system works well for me in this extremely busy phase.  In 2015, I started adding “bling” to my planner with stamps and stickers and washi tape.  This makes the planner seem more fun and less like a chore list.  Then I started noticing Pinterest posts of all these fancy dressed up planners.

I posted the following photo which I don’t think anyone has Pinned yet.


As with some of my other “new” things, posting to Pinterest was so easy – why did I think it was involved and difficult?


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