New Thing #40 – Broad Ripple Rubber Duck Race

For my next New Thing, I’m joined by my husband, younger son and our dog who does not like crowds.  We walked into Broad Ripple for the annual rubber duck race.  One of the attractions to Broad Ripple is to walk along the canal and feed the ducks.  When our kids were little, I used to walk the canal almost daily with a stroller and dog leash and stale bread for the ducks.

When I first moved to Broad Ripple over 25 years ago, I remember they had a rubber duck race on the canal but did not think much of it.  I recall that one year we obtained some retired racing ducks, but again, I didn’t think much about it.  So when I saw signs in the neighborhood for the race, of course this is the year to check out the race and see something new.

At the race, I learn that the race was retired for a while and this is the second year since it started up again.  We purchase our duck and check out the Colts truck before finding a spectator spot along the canal near the finish line.


The race does not start precisely on time, but eventually we see those yellow rubber ducks floating along the water.  They actually travel fairly fast!


The Broad Ripple fire station is in charge of collecting the ducks at the finish line.  I’m not sure who had the winning duck but it was worth the walk to attend the popular event.


So check out that neighborhood event you’ve never thought much about in the past – it is probably fun!



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