New Thing #32 – Oliver Winery

I add a new thing over Memorial Day weekend. This one falls in the category of things I have thought about for years and driven by but never stopped. We make a trip to Oliver Winery near Bloomington, IN.

imageI am impressed with the landscaping and attractive grounds of the winery.  We sign up for our wine tasting which we interrupt for the 20 minute tour, a private tour in our case.  We learn that the grapevines along the highway are for show and the actual vineyard is about 20 minutes away.  We hear how an IU law professor started the winery and modified Indiana state law so that wineries can sell wine on Sunday when Hoosiers cannot buy it in the grocery stores.  We see different equipment used to press the grapes and barrels where wines are stored.


We return to the tasting room and finish our tasting, moving from dry white wines to dry red wines to semi-dry wines.  Wines with the Creekbend label use grapes grown in Indiana while the Oliver wines incorporate grapes from other regions since certain varieties will not grow well here.  We also try Beanblossom Hard Cider and Honey Wine. I like semi-dry whites like Riesling the best.


We return home with 6 bottles including one hard cider.  This is a fun holiday outing!


So, don’t keep driving by the winery or restaurant or store or attraction and say that you’ll visit someday when you have more time – plan a trip and make a stop!


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