New Thing #36 – Healing Oil

Earlier this year, I read the book Snake Oil – The Art of Healing and Truth-telling by Becca Stevens.  Becca Stevens is an Episcopal Priest at Vanderbilt and founder of the social enterprises Thistle Farms and Magdalene. I heard about her in Gather magazine.

As I’m reading her book, I think that the author and I are on the same wavelength.  Soon I read that we share an experience that can put people in the same frame of mind – we both had our father pass away when we were children. I have felt this connection with other authors before and learned that we share this experience of growing up early.

I’ve met people with Becca’s passion in my work in community investment and as a board member for coalitions on homelessness.  There are incredible people working so hard every day to improve the lives of our homesless neighbors.  Becca is specifically assisting women who are victims of abuse and suffering from addictions.

Each chapter starts with a recipe for an oil.  I am intrigued by the recipes so I decide to try the Lavender Blend which is aloe vera oil and olive oil with drops of lavender and myrrh essential oils.  Becca says that, “Myrrh combined with lavendar creates a blend that is renowned for its calming influence…The oil moisturizes the skin, brings healing, and offers peace.”

Who couldn’t use some of that?



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