New Thing #37 – Appreciate Indiana Sunsets

My profile photo is a Key West sunset. When I saw that amazing sunset from our condo last summer, I didn’t want to go home.


Can you imagine seeing this beautiful view from your home every evening? While standing on your patio?  Paradise…

So, this new thing is a stretch, but I decided last August that I should be intentional about appreciating Indiana sunsets.  So I started to pay more attention and noticed a nice sunset at a soccer game last fall and a pretty sunset at the ball park in April.  I saw the sun set as a bright orange ball as I drove home on the interstate from a basketball game.  Then there was the sunset in southern Indiana with the clouds looking like pink cotton candy – gorgeous.  Only problem is that I couldn’t get photographs of any of these.  This is the best that I could do…


Or this one from Symphony on the Prairie at Connor Prairie…


Part of the point is that new things can be things right in front of us that we don’t stop to notice.  The vastness of nature is a wonder no matter where we live.

Still… there’s something about the sun setting over the water and my Indiana photos don’t match Key West or this one from Traverse City, MI.




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