New Thing #38 – Cork & Fork

Building on New Thing #32, we spent a lovely June evening at Creekbend Vineyard’s Cork & Fork.  We heard about this event when we visited the Oliver winery tasting room.

The weather was iffy when we left Indianapolis for the 90 minute or so ride to Bean Blossom in southern Indiana and it still looks a bitstormy when we arrive at the Creekbend vineyard.


However, it turns out to be a lovely evening at the vineyard, drinking wine, listening to live music, and eating our dinner.  We purchase a bottle of Creekbend Traminette 2013 which is desribed as, “Indiana’s signature wine…this grape loves our Indiana climate.”


The vineyard does not allow visitors to bring in food or beverages and they seemed to underestimate the food needed for the crowd but eventually we are eating grilled chicken with our white wine and enjoying the lovely evening at the vineyard.


One of the fun things about my 50 new things is that we have discovered other new things in the process.  We would not have known about this event if we had not visited Oliver Winery.







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