New Thing #42 – Jungle Jim’s

My next “New Thing” builds off of a previous new experience, my holiday shopping trip to IKEA (New Thing #13).  My girlfriend wants to return to the Cincinnati IKEA for more furniture for her condo so I suggest a nearby excursion to Jungle Jim’s.  I’ve been hearing about this amazing store with a huge selection of international foods.


Our first stop is for lunch at Mike’s Jersey subs.  Now that we won’t be shopping on an empty stomach, we start exploring the store.  They have a  huge selection of cheese and wine.  For some reason, I only thought they carried international foods but they also have aisles of typical supermarket items including paper products, household cleaners and pet supplies.


We decide to focus on the international foods since we are a bit overwhelmed.  I purchase several Goya products that I cannot find in Indianapolis so I am well supplied to make my mother’s Cuban recipes that I ate growing up.

We decide that this stop is definitely worth a return visit!  We know that we will be prepared next time we visit and can start making our physical and/or mental lists of items to buy at Jungle Jim’s.


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