New Thing #43 – Volunteer at Local Mission

One of the highlights of my job is that I attend many ground breaking and ribbon cutting events for affordable housing projects that we help with grant funding.  We attend events, provide congratulatory remarks and take a tour of the property.  Sometimes we meet residents and learn the true impact of affordable housing.  However, I never do anything helpful at these events and have never volunteered at one of our properties.

I attended the Bank’s CARE Committee volunteer fair in June and told myself NOT to volunteer for anything else.  I attended the fair just to visit with staff from properties that we funded.  However, after speaking with the volunteer coordinator for the Wheeler Center for Women and Children, I volunteered to serve lunch at the shelter and this will be a “New Thing” for me.

I spend about half the day volunteering at the shelter in July.  I assist with some kitchen prep and clean tables to prepare for lunch.  I sit with the ladies at their community meeting and realize how many daily blessings I take for granted.  Then I help some other volunteers serve in the lunch line – hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and applesauce.

Overall, this is a very rewarding experience and I encourage you to volunteer in your community.  No photos are allowed of the residents but here is the Wheeler Center for Women and Children facility.



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