New Thing #45 – Corvette Museum

For years, we have driven past the National Corvette Museum while traveling to and from the beach or another destination south of Indiana.  We usually are on a time table so we haven’t visited the Museum.  This year, our condo is not available until Sunday instead of Saturday so we take our time traveling south and make this a car break.  It qualifies as a “New Thing” because it’s a landmark that we have commented about for a while.


I’m not a huge car fanatic (although I love my Mini Cooper convertible) but I find the museum interesting.  I must admit that the vintage cars are very cool.


imageTo me, the most incredible part is seeing the power of nature when we view the rotunda that suffered under a sinkhole a few years ago. The crushed cars are evidence of what can happen when the earth literally falls out from under you.  Actually rather scary and fortunate that this happened in the early morning hours when the Museum was closed.

image imageCorvette fan or not, this is an affordable detour and nice break from the car for a couple hours.  I recommend the stop for family fun!



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