New Thing #49 – 1859 Balloon Ride

Last fall, I participated in a Trivia Night contest with some coworkers at an event benefitting Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP).  Guess what – we won!  As part of our goodie bag prize, we received complimentary entrance at Conner Prairie and tickets to one of their attractions, the 1859 balloon ride.  This becomes another “New Thing” since I have been to Conner Prairie before but have never ridden the 1859 balloon.

Conner Prairie is an interactive history museum which includes Prairie Town where the costumed tour guides speak to visitors as though we are living in the 1850s.  The 1859 balloon voyage is a 10 – 15 minute ride in a tethered balloon filled with helium.



The ride is fun and pretty cool.  It is bit hazy while we are in the air so although we could see the downtown Indianapolis skyline from the balloon, it is not visible in the photo.

image image

Still a great view!


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