One Year Summary

Mission accomplished! I logged 50 “New Things” during my 50th year. Some weeks I almost gave up and then a friend would suggest something new or a thought would pop in my head and I’d be back on track.

Some things were “big” new things that make bucket lists, like traveling to Charleston or visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Other discoveries in other states include Churchill Downs, the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge, Bellingrath Gardens, Corvette Museum, IKEA, Jungle Jim’s, Frazier History Museum, fun in Traverse City, Jeni’s Ice Cream and our Sister Trip.

I tried new recipes like turkey broth, biscotti, poached eggs, homemade ice cream, and limoncello.  I dry brined a turkey and made my own healing oil with essential oils.

Many things were local attractions that we drive by regularly but never experience like the Broad Ripple Duck Race, ISO Yuletide concert, Mass Avenue Food Tour, City Market tour, New Day Craft Meadery, Oliver Winery, Cork and Fork, and my neighborhood Little Free Library, among others.

Some things, namely the bucket list and appreciating Indiana sunsets, were a stretch that I almost didn’t write.   Turns out those were posts that got “likes” from fellow bloggers.  These things also cost little or nothing.  Other free “New Things” include the local community nature park and volunteering at a mission.

Of course, starting the blog was a “New Thing” and I have learned so much while meeting interesting people.  I also started tweeting and posting on Pinterest.  I think it is fascinating to have a “Pin Twin” in another country who has the same hobbies.  There is more that unites us around the world than there is that divides us.

I encourage you to look around and notice “New Things” and then take the time to experience them.  Cross something off your bucket list!  You might even inspire others to do the same.


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