Chocolate Sesame Granola Bars

My next new thing is making this recipe for chocolate sesame granola bars. This recipe is from another Word Press blog, Ashley Marie on no thyme to waste. You should check out her blog of recipes and incredible food photography.

Now that I look at the recipe, there are no ingredients that are new to me but it is a new concept to make granola bars or protein balls. This is a perfect recipe for a Mom of student athletes. I’ve had the recipe since it was posted in January but it seemed so complicated and time consuming that I put off trying to make them. 

Basically, you chop up your favorite trail mix and add the suggested ingredients to get the right proportion of dry and wet things.  Ashley Marie lists suggested substitute ingredients and other thoughts to help the reader think creatively.

I added sesame seeds, quick oats, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, honey and smooth peanut butter to the chopped up trail mix. I chilled the mixture, then scooped up balls with my Pampered Chef scoop and formed the scoops into balls.  


This recipe is not complicated or overly time consuming and with the help of my high school student athlete, there were no worries about eating them in two weeks. I make homemade granola about every four to six weeks so I will make a batch of these while I have the oats out.


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