Holiday Mart

Being the only girl in my household, we don’t do girly things like go to craft shows and bazaars. So, when a friend invites me to help her use free tickets to the Junior League Holiday Mart, I’m in.

We head to the Indiana State Fairgrounds on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Life happened to my friend the day prior so she is preoccupied and we browse through the booths fairly quickly.  I am a pretty quick shopper (the only girl in the house, remember) so I can handle the pace.  The booths have similar items falling into groupings of jewelry, food, boutique fashion, accessories, children’s clothing and small household items.  I don’t see anything for the guys at my house.  I find a purse for my niece at a booth run by the Center for Global Impact.  Items are made by women in Cambodia and proceeds support these women and their education and business development.  I try to support these types of nonprofits and the chance to support a good cause helps narrow my choices of which booth to buy from.

This is a fun “New Thing” for me and I would go again.  Happy Shopping!


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