Limoncello Macaroons

I spotted this recipe on 101 Cookbooks (a fun site to follow) and decided to try it for my new things blog since I have never worked with almond paste. I also like that the recipe meets one of my new things objectives in that it builds on another new thing by using some of the limoncello I started making during my 50th year.  

Limoncello Macaroons

There are not a lot of ingredients:  egg white, two tubes of almond paste, confectioners sugar, almond extract, lemon zest, salt and Limoncello.


I think the dough is going to be difficult to work with, however, it rolls into a powdered sugar-coated log in no time 

I’m not sure if I want to pinch the cookies or leave them as pillows so I make a tray each way. I also play around with cooking time and decide that I like them better pale golden. This recipe is a hit at my house so I probably won’t be testing out how long they keep.  The recipe says they keep for several days.  

And of course, while the Lemoncello is out, I pour a little sip.  Cheers!


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