Pilates TRX

One of the benefits of doing 50 new things my 50th year is that I continue to be open and eager to try new things.  So last week when there were only 2 of us at Pilates on a cold January night and the instructor asked if we wanted to be guinea pigs, of course, I am ready to try something new.  

The studio is planning to offer a TRX class and the instructor wanted to try out some ideas so I got to try TRX for the first time.  She is integrating Pilates exercises using the TRX straps rather than the reformer.  Now I am doing some internet research to know more about what I did.

One thing that I know is – dang, those silly straps are seriously intense!!

So, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise.  Like Pilates, TRX is total body integration, combining straps that are suspended from the ceiling and the resistance of your own body weight.  With the instability of the straps, you use your core to maintain balance and again, it is intense.  For example, do a pelvic curl with your feet in TRX straps and you will have no problem working those hamstrings!

Sorry – no photos to make the post more visually interesting but hopefully this post will encourage you to try something new to be fit in 2016.  

Here’s to our health and shaking up our fitness routines in 2016!!


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