Ricotta Cheese

I didn’t think I’d post a “new thing” this week.  Then I had a discovery during breakfast on Friday.  I took the day off to get my house back in order after the holidays.  While reading Midwest Living over a leisurely breakfast, I found an article on making your own ricotta cheese.  It sounded so simple that I decided to try it out.  All you need are basic ingredients – Whole milk, salt and vinegar.  

I warmed whole milk and salt just under the boiling point.


Then I added vinegar and let it sit while curds formed.  I’m wondering if something didn’t go quite right with this step since I had curdled milk but not curds that could easily be lifted from the pan.  Consequently, I scraped the pan, not knowing that milk scalded on the bottom, so I have some flecks in my cheese.  


I ended up just pouring the mixture into the cheese cloth and draining it.  Even after an hour, it didn’t get as dry as I wanted but the consistency is something you can work with in recipes. 


I put some on crackers and drizzled a bit of balsamic vinegar on top.  It is tasty, but not amazing.  I’m not sure what I will do with my cheese or if I will make it again.  I’ve read a bit more about making ricotta cheese and noticed that most recipes call for lemon juice rather than vinegar so I will probably go that route IF I try again.

Say cheese!!



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