World of Coke

Related to my previous post of a CNN Tour new experience, I also visited the World of Coke while in Atlanta. This is another option in my packet of City Pass tours organized by our meeting host.

This is basically a big commercial for Coke,  however, it is fun to see displays and hear a bit of history.

The tasting room is something to experience.  They have cups near dispensers so visitors can try soft drinks from various continents and countries. I’m sure there is a science to how each one is developed. Why this name? Why that labeling? Wow – those flavors are different! I only sample 3 or 4 different drinks from different continents and then they start to blend together. Of course, we also receive small bottles of Coke as souvenirs and anything you want with the Coke emblem is available in the gift shop.  

Interesting, fun and very Atlanta!


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