I’ve never been to Wisconsin before so I count accompanying my high school junior on a college visit to Marquette University in Milwaukee as a “new thing”.  

This is my second son to apply for college, yet the experience is still unique to his interests.  We start in the Admissions building with an overview presentation before breaking up into small groups for a campus tour.  Students are taking finals so we have a member of the Admissions staff as our guide.  This works well since she was at Marquette studying in the same health sciences field that my son is interested in.

It is a beautiful day in Milwaukee with sunshine, warm temperatures and the flowering trees in full bloom.  Our guide jokes that the weather is like this every day in Milwaukee…

We tour the St. Joan of Arc Chapel which was moved from France and reconstructed on campus.  

After the official tour, our guide takes us back to the sciences building so my son can see where the physical therapy labs take place.  It is a blessing to join him on this tour, feel excited for his future and hear him asking good questions.  

We have lunch at Sobelmans and enjoy amazing hamburgers.  We drive around Milwaukee for a while before returning home.  I think it is cool to have Lake Michigan within a mile of campus.  

Big decision! It will be exciting (and a bit sad) to see what happens in the next year.


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