Coconut Milk Rice Pilaf

Growing up with a mother from Key West, Florida, I eat a lot of meals served over rice or with rice as a side dish. Most of my rice recipes are Hispanic based rather than Asian based and I have never cooked with coconut milk or coconut oil.  Since I love rice, I decided to try the Splendid Table’s recipe for Coconut Milk Rice Pilaf as a “new thing.”

Splendid Table’s Coconut Milk Rice Pilaf

I usually make rice in a rice cooker but easily follow this recipe and make it in a skillet. First I cook the spices in the coconut oil.  

Then you cook the rice for a few minutes until the grains turn white. Following that you add the coconut milk, cover and cook without stirring.  

I admit that it is a bit challenging for me not to stir the rice, however, I follow the recipe and the rice cooks perfectly!  How easy is that!

This recipe is delicious and the rice turns out very creamy and just slightly sweet.  I use the roughly half cup of leftover pilaf in a morning rice cereal recipe from Food 52, My Weekday Morning Rice Pudding.  This is a delicious breakfast with blueberries cooked with the rice to a jam type of consistency.  Great start to the day!!


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