Indianapolis Light Festival

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis Foundation, Central Indiana Community Foundation, in partnership with Northern, presented IN Light IN, a free, two-night interactive light festival. We happened to participate following dinner on our 28th wedding anniversary. 

We walk the portion along the Central Canal so we see all but six of the artist projects.  The first project is ST/X which is interactive and projects the movement of people on a platform onto the lights in the canal.  I’ve never seen anything like this – such a cool mix of art and technology.

Another exhibit, 2058: the first September without ice, is designed by one of the teachers at University High School.  It floats in the center of the canal.  

The event is popular and brings many people downtown to walk the canal and ride paddle boats.  

Here is another artist project floating in the canal, Droplet’s Formation II.  

Several of the exhibits are interactive.  Geophone can be heard if you put your ear to the ground where the lights are.  Here is my husband checking out this exhibit.  

The last exhibit that I take a photo of is The Illuminated Reef.  

Pretty cool! Are you inspired to create?


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