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What I’m Grateful For This Week…

This week’s gratitude list is also a “new thing”. I’ve seen beautiful photos of Hocking Hills State Park for years and finally crossed it off the bucket list with a long weekend in Logan, Ohio.

1. Hiking – I enjoy hiking in state parks and Hocking Hills State Park has a wonderful trail system. We spent the day there and just scratched the surface as there is so much to explore.

2. Waterfalls – This feature is what attracted me to Hocking Hills State Park in the first place. They have numerous waterfalls given the hilly terrain and the gorges.

3. Seven Course Dinner – We stayed at the Glenlaurel Inn and I highly recommend this venue if you prefer more sophisticated lodging then camping or cabins. Our room was lovely and the food was amazing. We enjoyed a 3 course breakfast every morning – porridge, a delicious egg entree and yummy scones. We purchased a picnic lunch to enjoy the day we went hiking which allowed us to see more of the park since we didn’t have to leave and drive to a nearby restaurant. Then we splurged on the seven course dinner which was an amazing burst of flavors prepared creatively by Chef Jean Michel.

Courses 1 and 2 were appetizers. The butternut squash ravioli was one of my favorites.

Course 3 was a spinach soup – a little spicy with roasted poblano but very flavorful.

Course 4 is a wonderful salad of springtime greens.

Course 5 is a sorbet to cleanse the palate before our entree.

We both have lamb for our Course 6 entree. The cranberry cherry mustrada crust is to die for.

The final course is a mousse like chocolate with popcorn on top for a lovely combination of sweet and salty. Yum!!

4. Sunsets – We also had a beautiful sunset with gorgeous color during our long weekend. Pretty perfect!

What in nature has you feeling grateful this week?


What I’m Grateful For This Week…

Well, I have slowed down on my “new things” with the last thing posted after our Aspen, CO visit six months ago. I’ve been enjoying other bloggers’ posts on what they are loving and/or grateful for so I’ll try sharing some things from my gratitude list…

1. Sunshine and Jeans Week – it is cold where I live, currently bitterly cold with snow on the ground. My spirits are so much higher when the sun is shining so sunshine is usually on my gratitude list. Similarly, it is easier to cross the parking lot on a single digit morning when we can wear jeans and a warm casual coat. We have the option of paying for a Jeans Week each month with the money supporting a charity in one of the states we serve. Win-win!

2. Weeknight pasta dishes – With my busy schedule and work travel, quick weeknight meals are a must. This pasta dish from Rachael Ray comes together quickly. A box of uncooked linguine, 1 lb. bag frozen shrimp, 3 cloves of thinly sliced garlic, 3 T olive oil and 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper go into a skillet with a jar of marinara sauce and 3 1/2 cups of water for 20 minutes. You top the finished dish with gremolata – 1 clove finely chopped garlic, 2 T chopped fresh parsley and 1 T lemon zest. Yum!

3. Customer workshops – During the first quarter of each year, we travel across Indiana and Michigan to update our customers about our affordable housing grant programs. I am loving being in Grand Rapids, MI to share information about our grants and to hear what projects people are working on to improve their communities. So inspiring!

4. Family at Home – my absolute favorite thing this week was having family home. My college son visited from Chicago after spending the first half of Spring Break visiting a friend in Savannah. My brother visited for the weekend and the guys cooked dinner together. Great memories!

What are you grateful for this week?

“Gratitude is peace.” Anne Lamott

Aspen, CO

One of my “new things” for the summer was our family vacation to Aspen, Colorado. My younger son said we needed to branch away from our usual beach vacation and see something different so we traveled to the Rocky Mountains and high elevation for a week.

We spent our first day on Aspen Mountain after riding the gondolas to the top. I can tell there is less oxygen here while we are hiking! What fabulous views!!

Our second day is spent at Maroon Bells which ends up being my favorite spot – so beautiful!!

This is our “Bonanza” shot from our horseback ride near Maroon Bells.

We also hiked along the Continental Divide and stopped at a deserted mining town, learning about the early history of Aspen before it became an area focused on recreation. Our last day was spent in Glenwood Springs where we hiked to beautiful waterfalls at Hanging Lake. Gorgeous!!

Of course, we ate well. I didn’t have to give up my typical diet of seafood or vegetarian entrees. The homemade pasta with shrimp from Ellina was delicious.

My favorite restaurant was French, Creperie du Village. What’s not to love about chocolate crepes?

Colorado was beautiful and the hiking was splendid! …but I still miss the beach….

Fountain Square Food Tour

When I completed my original 50 “new things” in 2014 – 2015, I included a food tour in the Mass Avenue area. Subsequently, I gave my husband a gift certificate for another food tour but it took us a while to schedule. Fortunately, we are blessed with a gorgeous day the afternoon of our tour. We start at the Fountain Square fountain (makes sense) where our tour guide provides some history about this neighborhood near downtown Indianapolis. Our first stop is the New Day Meadery. A visit here was also one of my original “new things” and it is good to return. We have a flight taste of cider and mead along with some local cheese and charcuterie. Delicious!

Our next stop is at Three Carrots, a vegan restaurant. We start with a kale salad with tofu, berries and quinoa. It is very tasty!

Then we each get half of a banh mi Vietnamese sandwich. Their version is vegan and made with seitan. This is pretty tasty and I would come back here to eat!

From the Three Carrots, we walk next door to Siam Square. We start with a pastry filled with curry and ground chicken. These could be addictive.

Then we have plates to share with dumplings and Pad Thai. Our guide says their Pad Thai was voted best in Indianapolis. Yum!

Of course, we need dessert so we walk back towards the fountain and the meadery to Litterally Divine Truffles where we hear how the owner started her business and about the unique local ingredients she uses. Everyone picks two truffles to take home boxed. These are cute and very yummy!!

Now we are full!

Albanese Candy

In 2014 – 2015 when I was working on my original 50 “new things”, visiting the Albanese Candy Factory in Merrillville, IN was on my list but I never made it. My travels between Indianapolis and Chicago were for work and/or were with fellow travelers more interested in the destination than the journey.

So the candy factory made my “crazy list” as in, “you are crazy if you think that will happen…”

Now 2018 provides an opportunity. My oldest son accompanies me from Indianapolis to pick up my youngest son at Loyola University Chicago and bring him home for summer break. I am blessed that my boys are willing to indulge me and make the short detour to visit the factory.

This place is massive and we only see the gift shop. Albanese manufactures the “world’s best” gummies and chocolates.

In addition to making gummies and chocolates, Albanese Candy seems to sell every candy imaginable. This includes nuts and trail mixes. We peek into the factory through viewing windows to see gummies being made. There are also videos explaining how they make gummies and chocolate candies.

Reminds us of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! We leave with gummi bears and some chocolate favorites like peanut butter buckeyes and coconut haystacks. Yum! This is definitely worth the detour and we hope to return.

Remember, it can be about the destination and the journey!

New Riff Distillery

I am in Cincinnati for meetings and our meeting host arranges a couple tours for local experiences. I choose a tour of the New Riff Distillery in Newport, KY.

It is interesting to hear about making whiskey. The distillery’s name has musical inspiration to indicate their new spin on the old song of making Kentucky bourbon.

We see how they grind up corn (from Indiana of course), barley and rye to make the mash that will be fermented and distilled.

They use water from their well to make the mash in large vats.

Then begins the fermenting process. We stick our fingers in to taste!

Our tour guide looses me at the distillation process as he shows us the tower where this magical step takes place. It’s OK – I was not planning to try this at home!

Earlier in the tour, someone asked when they opened which was a few years ago. As we continue through the tour and hear about the barrel aging process, I do the math and realize that we won’t be tasting their bourbon today. We are given samples of spirits and gin. Interesting!

We should all try to enjoy local experiences when on business travel. Cheers!

Tea Blending Experience

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Tea is my drink of choice and I’m fairly knowledgeable about various teas and their health benefits. Honestly, I’ve become a bit of a snob about my tea and definitely prefer brewing loose tea over using purchased teabags.

A new tea shop recently opened in our neighborhood and I’ve been intrigued by their tea blending classes. I am always able to talk myself out of taking the time or money to treat myself to this, however. So I am pleased when a staff member gets me a gift certificate for the tea blending experience for Christmas. I get to try another “new thing”.

It takes about 6 weeks to organize this event on my calendar but I finally arrive at my tea blending class. We hear some history of tea and the health benefits of the various ingredients on our table to blend with our tea.

We have scales to measure 1 ounce of a tea base: black, green or green rooibos. Then we can add various ingredients and taste the tea until we have a blend that is our “cup of tea”.

The class provides for two 2-ounce bags of our blended tea creation. There are so many intriguing ingredients to blend with the tea bases. There are cards on each ingredient that list health benefits and suggest pairings. Available ingredients include: chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, rose petals, safflower, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, allspice, star anise, cocoa nibs, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and rainbow peppercorns. There is also bee pollen, licorice root and stevia for natural sweeteners.

I make a green rooibos blend with cocoa nibs and cinnamon chips and name it Mexican Green Rooibos. My green tea blend is blended with lavender, rose petals and cardamom and I name this blend Floral Green. I think they are both delicious!

What drink is your proverbial “cup of tea”?