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New Riff Distillery

I am in Cincinnati for meetings and our meeting host arranges a couple tours for local experiences. I choose a tour of the New Riff Distillery in Newport, KY.

It is interesting to hear about making whiskey. The distillery’s name has musical inspiration to indicate their new spin on the old song of making Kentucky bourbon.

We see how they grind up corn (from Indiana of course), barley and rye to make the mash that will be fermented and distilled.

They use water from their well to make the mash in large vats.

Then begins the fermenting process. We stick our fingers in to taste!

Our tour guide looses me at the distillation process as he shows us the tower where this magical step takes place. It’s OK – I was not planning to try this at home!

Earlier in the tour, someone asked when they opened which was a few years ago. As we continue through the tour and hear about the barrel aging process, I do the math and realize that we won’t be tasting their bourbon today. We are given samples of spirits and gin. Interesting!

We should all try to enjoy local experiences when on business travel. Cheers!


New Thing #30 – Fun in Traverse City

My next new thing occurs during a business trip to Traverse City, MI. I tell one of my managers that the afternoon in between meetings, we are NOT going to work. We are going to do something we never do – have FUN!

We start in downtown Traverse City’s shopping district and enjoy the boutiques and stores. One of our customers has made us huge fans of American Spoon products by sending gift baskets so that is a must stop. We leave with favorite spoon fruits and grilling sauces and dried cherries and some new products to try. After a stop at a cute women’s boutique, we both leave with cute scarves.

Next, we drive to the Commons which is a massive former state mental hospital campus. Amazing to see but the shopping is not as vibrant so our visit is short.





Finally, we drive the Old Mission Peninsula to the lighthouse which is very charming. The Bay is calm as glass today. Beautiful!!image

On our walk back from dinner, we see a gorgeous sunset – amazing! What a crown on a great day filled with fun!!imageimage